do nothing club

by boy pout

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this ep is full of demos thanks for listening and take care


released April 22, 2015



all rights reserved


boy pout Texas


thanks for everyone who listened


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Track Name: w/o
i'll go down to the store
and buy your favorite cigarettes and more
and i know i should stay back but oh well oh well

without out you i am lost

without you i write these songs
Track Name: doubts
i dont like the way i look
if i could change i probably would
cause all you ever see on televison and movies are people who look way better than i do
and it sucks

im still trying to learn how to love myself i'll get there one day

i'll put my makeup on, i'll style up my hair but whats the point it gets me no where
i need to stop being so negative
people around me, they do care
and im sorry. im sorry for being who i am
i'm struggling
just like you
Track Name: untitled420
you remind me of the city and the way it never sleeps
you remind me of the moutains and the way they peak

cause youre always on top of the world
cause youre always so bright you light up my world

you remind me of city and the way it gets loud
you remind me of the moutains and when i'm tumbling down

cause you always have that look in your eye
cause you always keep me shook as the time passes by

and honestly, im scared.
you leave me in a whirlwind
and go without a single care
Track Name: evaporar
tempo a gente tem
quanto a gente dá
corre o que correr
custa o que custar

tempo a gente dá
quanto a gente tem
custa o que correr
corre o que custar

o tempo que eu perdi
só agora eu sei
aprender a dar
foi o que ganhei

e ando ainda atrás
desse tempo ter
pude não correr
dele me encontrar

ahh não se mexeu
beija-flor no ar

o rio fica lá
a água é que correu
chega na maré
ele vira mar

como se morrer
fosse desaguar
derramar no céu
se purificar

ahh deixa pra trás
sais e minerais,